About the Nakamura Tea Brand


What Is Genmaicha?

Genmaicha (rice tea) is made of larger grown sencha tea leaves, blended with roasted rice. The aroma of the dry and crispy roasted rice adds a savoury fragrance to the tea flavour, again different from that of hojicha. Our genmaicha is produced by blending the tea leaves at a half and half ratio. Some of the charms of this very light-tasting/smelling tea are that it is suitable for any occasion and that it can be consumed casually. It can also be recommended for ochazuke (rice in green tea).


Quality Differences

We carry three types of genmaicha with different flavours. Choose one as you please.

Regular Genmaicha

Regular Genmaicha is made of sencha tea leaves, which have grown larger than usual (closer to Yanagi and bancha), blended with roasted rice. It's best feature is it's briskness. Being subtle in flavour, the large sencha leaves express a pleasant bitterness and astringency, easily combined with the mild sweet roasted aroma. The tea also has such a light flavour that it is a great thirst quencher and allows you to drink large amounts at a time.

Kabuse Genmaicha

As the name suggests, Kabuse Genmaicha is made by blending roasted rice with kabusecha. It is characterised by a roasted aroma and mellow sweetness. Genmaicha is often brewed with boiling water to bring out a stronger aroma, but we recommend lowering the temperature of the water slightly for this Kabuse Genmaicha to enjoy It's milder taste and sweetness which you will never find in a genmaicha of sencha.

Genmaicha with Macha

Genmaicha with Macha is made by adding a small amount of matcha to the mixture of sencha and roasted rice. The sweetness of matcha and the bitterness and astringency of sencha. Combined with the roasted aroma of the rice, the flavour will render rich in flavour with a mild taste and a bright green colour, which are the characteristics of this tea.

How to Make Good Cups of Tea (for two)

By quickly brewing with boiling water, the roasted aroma of the rice can be brought out stronger. To enjoy the faint sweetness of Kabuse Genmaicha, it is recommended to use hot water around 80 °C.

  • Tea Leaves
  • Water Temperature
  • Water Amount
  • Waiting Time
    30 seconds

(1) Insert 10 g (slightly more than 3 teaspoons) of tea leaves in the tea pot. Slowly pour 250 ml of hot water at 100 °C. Be careful when handling hot water!
(2) Wait for 30-40 seconds without moving the tea pot. Alternately pour the tea little by little into several cups (to distribute the tea evenly). Pour until the last drop and leave the lid of the tea pot open.
(3) For the second round and on, serve without waiting after pouring hot water in the tea pot.
Use a little larger amount of tea leaves (approx. 15g) to brew Regular Genmaicha.

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